What We Do

What We Want To Enable










Our Why

Reframe the true value of coaching to help grow the quality of youth sport coaches in New Zealand – so that all our young athletes can enjoy an enriching experience playing and being involved in sport. For life.

Our What

An over-arching athlete-centred coaching philosophy built around the spirit of ‘coaching the heart’. Brought to life through engaging some our most revered elite and community ‘Player Coaches’ – sharing their stories, experiences, wisdom and advice for all coaches – with a particular focus on our youth sport community.

Our How

  • Create inspirational content that educates, inspires and develops our youth sport coaches- from long- form documentary storytelling to multi-facetted educational content. Including dynamic digital distribution platforms.
  • Develop campaigns that celebrate our community coaches – e.g proposed #Thanks Coach national campaign
  • Bring world class athlete-centered coaches to New Zealand regions e.g. the Shane McLeod tour

Our Who

Our CFL team wish to openly collaborate with the wider sport community and like-minded strategic and commercial partners – to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on improving the value and quality of coaching for the greater benefit of all of our young athletes. Growing better people, better athletes, better kiwis.

Our Programmes

Celebrate & Champion Youth Sport Coaches

We are looking at ways that we can celebrate and champion our very best sport coaches of rangatahi. The unsung heroes who inspire and develop our rangatahi to engage and excel in sport whatever the level.

World Class Coach Visits To NZ

While Shane will be our first coach whom we engage, going forward we are looking to engage other world class coaches each year to educate and inspire our youth sport coaches. These coaches maybe from New Zealand or from International markets. As with Shane’s visit we will look to transcend across multiple sports and we will look to build world class digital content that will be available to our youth coaches to build and develop their coaching capability.

Youth Coaching Scholarships

We are looking at establishing a Youth Sport Coaching Scholarship Programme where our top youth sport coaches can be mentored and supported in their coaching journey.

The Players Coach - The Shane McLeod Journey

While this documentary celebrates Shane’s inspiring coaching success on the world stage, his story captures the experiences, mentors and life lessons learned from a young age that helped shaped his athlete-centred coaching philosophy. Brought to life through hockey, Shane’s coaching approach should be embraced by all sport coaches – for any age, any level – from grassroots to elite level.

The documentary will be broadcasted on Sky Sport over the Commonwealth Games period (and uploaded to their Sky Sport Youtube channel). Meanwhile it will also be available for sharing across the wider sports community.